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Yosko, LLC is a provider of Total IT Solutions for Home, Home Office and Small Business customers - characterized by exceeding customer expectations with information networking, internet visibility, information management and data mining, servers and personal computers, repair, maintained and support, or web hosting solutions.

With the increasingly stringent quality, performance and accuracy standards set by your demanding customers, information management has never been more critical or more challenging to manage. Yosko, LLC boasts comprehensive integrated and standalone IT solutions that help maximize the information flow of your business. With Yosko's Total IT Solution, you are able to maximize management control throughout the organization by enhancing resource visibility and information accessibility from your home office to your partners, or from the front-office to the production floor.

Yosko, LLC is a one-stop, turnkey solution provider, with the people and products to implement, educate, train and support you, to fully exploit our total IT solution's strengths by exceeding your and your customerís expectations for your unique business challenge.



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Nick Cser founded DNC Services in 2002. "My idea was to provide a better service than what was out in the marketplace. I believed that if we could give our customers what they wanted at a fair price and exceed their expectations, we could build lasting relationships with our clients."

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